About Us

Rev. Ted Hunter was ordained by the Universal Life Church on January 25, 2006.  He began V-Nup Wedding Services to aid people who do not have local or traditional resources and desire more selection than simply a courthouse style wedding.

With a background in English literature and religious studies at Ripon College, counselor experience at Chop Point Camp, public speaking, musical performance, and professional sports experience, Ted provides the tools and skills to allow you to have your wedding the way you want it.

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I believe...

A wedding in purest form is the acceptance by community of two people, their love for one another, their desire to become a family.  Marriage predates established religion and government. As such, the role of the officiant, whether sectarian, religious, or appointed, is to verify the oath of commitment between two people.  My goal is to provide my clients the best possible means to make that happen.

                                                                  Reverend Ted Hunter

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